Gucci Blush Brush 11
Blush Brush 11
The specialized shape of the Blush Brush is made for contouring, highlighting and sweeping color onto the face. The tapered bristles ensure the blush is evenly distributed for a soft blended application. Cool-to-the-touch, the weight and feel of the double anodized aluminum handle is balanced for perfect control.
  • Blush brush 11
  • Handcrafted
  • Made with the highest quality 100% natural goat hair
  • To care for your blush brush 12 carefully wash the brush once a week with warm water and a gentle shampoo
  • Use with sheer blushing powder, golden glow bronzer and powder brush 13
  • Includes protective GG pouch
blush brush 11
MSRP: $55
NOW $55
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