Chi Smart Smooth Keratin Blowout Spray, 6 oz
CHI Smart Smooth Keratin Blowout Spray, 6 oz
What is it: A blowout spray that delivers smoother, easier-to-manage hair with extra body in one easy step, with results that last up to one week (after four to five shampoos).Who is it for: All hair types. If you have fine hair, this spray helps add body and texture with a smooth finish. If you have frizzy, and/or thick hair, this spray helps reduce frizz and makes hair easier to manage.Why is it different: CHI Smart Smooth Keratin Blowout Spray contains amino acids, silk, keratin, bamboo extract, and chamomile to deliver salon-quality results. This innovative formula is gentle enough to use weekly, and formulated so that you can use it with any existing hair care regimen.In a consumer study, 80% of respondents said CHI Smart Smooth reduced their frizz; 76% of respondents said their hair was shinier, smoother, softer, and more manageable after using CHI Smart Smooth; and 72% of respondents felt CHI Smart Smooth treatment improved the condition of their hair.
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