Givenchy PHENOMEN'EYES Waterproof Panoramic Mascara/.24 oz.
Givenchy PHENOMEN'EYES Waterproof Panoramic Mascara/.24 oz.
First waterproof mascara with a 360? brush for a panoramic result. Thanks to its patented spherical brush encompassing a host of key technologies, PHENOMEN'EYES offers a unique mascara gesture for precise, defined application and a 360? fanned out fringe of lashes. PHENOMEN'EYES combines an iconic spherical brush with an enhanced formula for ultimate definition, length and curl in an intense shade. An extremely precise and waterproof makeup result for an intense eyes-wide-open look and no lash left behind! For application: 1. Holding the brush horizontally, draw the lashes from the outer corner of the eye outward 2. Holding the brush diagonally, catch hold of the lashes at the root and push them upward and outward. Then push the lashes from the inner corner of the eye toward the nose. 3. Without overloading the brush with mascara, gently brush the lower lashes To remove, use the waterproof eye makeup remover of your choice.24 oz. Made in France.
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