Givenchy ROUGE INTERDIT VINYL Extreme Shine Lipstick
Givenchy ROUGE INTERDIT VINYL Extreme Shine Lipstick
Rouge Interdit Vinyl, the beauty secret for women in the know. A lipstick so addictive and so illicit, it's almost forbidden. A vinyl finish for lips with exceptional shine and vibrant color. An amazing stretch formula for lips with tantalizing curves. Mysterious and enigmatic, the precious black rose oil provides continuous comfort and helps leave lips soft and moisturized. 16 intense and luminous signature shades which stylishly express your individuality: magnetic, tempting, provocative or rebell
N01 Very Natural Beige
N13 Rose Desirable
N14 Slightly Mauve Nude
N15 Moka Renversant
N10 Redish Pink
N12 Rasberry
Color 05 Rose Transgressif
N16 Noir Revelateur
N11 Rouge Rebelle
N07 Fuchsia
N03 Rose Mutin
N04 Luminous Antique Pink
N09 Coral
06 Rose Sulfureux
N02 Orangey Nude
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