Lancôme Miel-En-Mousse Foaming Face Cleanser and Makeup Remover
Lancome Miel-En-Mousse Foaming Face Cleanser and Makeup Remover
Miel-en-Mousse Foaming Face Cleanser and Makeup Remover is formulated with acacia honey and has a transformative texture for sensorial facial cleanser and makeup removal. Upon application, the honey-like texture captures makeup and impurities. Once emulsified with water, it transforms into a velvety mousse. Miel-en-Mousse Facial Cleanser leaves skin feeling cleansed and soft. What it is: A 2-in-1 foaming face cleanser and makeup remover with Acacia Honey. What it does: Transformative honey- like texture, removes makeup, contains acacia honey. 1. Apply 2 to 3 pumps of the honey-like texture onto fingertips. Slide hand across applicator to keep it clean from texture filaments. 2. Apply to dry skin, gently massaging the entire face. The texture will slightly warm upon massage. 3. Add lukewarm water: the honey-like texture will transform into a velvety foam for a perfect cleanse. 4. Rinse off generously while keeping your eyes closed. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately and thoroughly. Miel-e
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