Sephora False Eye Lashes
What it is: A set of false eyelashes in a variety of effects, from natural-looking to full to dramatic. What it does: Natural-Looking Visionary #01: Super-soft individual lashes give three different flared lengths and allow you to customize your look. Posh #02: Provides natural-looking volume and enhances the size of your eyes. Made with natural fibers. Astonish #03: Creates a dramatic look that gives the appearance of deep-set, almond-shaped eyes. Made with natural fibers. Fringe #04: Adds texture, length, and volume for a slightly wispy look. Made with natural fibers. Full Hipster #20: Long, angled lashes create length and volume for a tousled finish. Audacious #21: A full-volume set with a dense midsection that creates a sultry, eye-opening look. Regal #22: Made with evenly dispersed, dense lashes, this set creates an all-around full look. Made with natural fibers. Celebrity #23: Lightly layered full lash for a natural-looking finish. Made with natural fibers. Dramatic Flirt #30: Adds wispy volume to your lash line. Made with natural fibers. Hypnotize #31: Delivers dramatic volume and length to give the appearance of a more open eye. Made with natural fibers. Mink #32: The layered and feathery criss-cross pattern gives eye dimension. Made with synthetic fibers. Sets contain one pair of lashes and one 0.035 oz latex-free lash glue.
Celebrity #23 full volume
Astonish #03 natural volume
Regal #22 full volume
Hipster #20 full volume
Mink #32 dramatic volume
Fringe #04 natural volume
Audacious #21 full volume
Hypnotize #31 dramatic volume
Visionary #01 natural volume
Posh #02 natural volume
Flirt #30 dramatic volume
MSRP: $10
NOW $10
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